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We went yard right off the bat (that’s a baseball reference to any Canadians reading this). Scroll down the page and look at the numbers.

Rock Star Real Estate is a real estate brokerage located in Toronto, Canada.  When they approached us looking to start a campaign we were excited, but also a bit hesitant.  The purpose of their campaign was to generate leads. We believed a YouTube advertising campaign would be successful for a number of reasons, which I will discuss later, so keep reading.

However, there was also a great unknown that made us hesitate to take them on. The main reason for our hesitation was because they did not want to run a national campaign.  They only wanted the campaign to run to people in the Toronto area.

We had run local campaigns before, but never for more than a week or two. We were entering the great unknown of the localized campaign.  The results were better than anything we could have hoped for. Generate Leads with YouTube | RSRE YouTube Advertising Case Study

What Made This YouTube Ad Campaign Successful?

Their Side

There was one very important factor to this campaign that made it so successful and it’s the reason that I mentioned in the first paragraph.  They had a proven sales funnel.  Their funnel begins by giving away a free e-book. Doing so established trust and allows people to see they are experts. From there they have 3 more steps that allow them to gain more information about the lead, continually follow up with these people and convert them into a customer.

This system weeds out those that were not serious and allowed them to close the people who are. You can drive traffic to your site all day, but unless you can convert that traffic to sales, your YouTube ads are meaningless. Check out this blog if you want to know the three things we look for to judge if a campaign will be successful…

Why Are Rock Star Real Estates Videos So Effective?

They use our Video Ad Formula when creating new ads for their YouTube Campaigns

Get Access To Our Video Ad Formula

Here are a few quick tips we have learned about online sales funnels from this campaign…

  • Give people an initial offering. People love free stuff and will gladly give you an email for something free.  And if we know anything it’s that email converts.
  • Have a way to follow up after each step. People are busy and their day does not revolve around you.  Have the structure in place to always follow up.
  • Have a final step to maximize profits.  You can make someone a customer once, or have steps in place to make them a lifetime customer.

Our Side

Rock Star Real Estate is able to convert. Its proven. That meant it was up to us to be able to generate leads for them.  As we have seen from the numbers that is something we have been accomplishing.  The most important piece for us when we start a campaign—and it should be for you too—is defining your metrics of success. Rock Star knew what they were willing to spend to generate a lead.  By knowing their numbers, we had a goal.  We were able to optimize everything including the video, the targeting groups, and the landing pages towards that goal because we knew what success looked like.  Oh and by the way, we hit it by week 2.

Their Video

Rock Star Real Estate went out and followed our strategy to make their video. It is optimized to get conversions & gets people’s attention quickly, shows value, and has a strong call to action.  This is everything your video should be. Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself…

Can You Find The Same Success With YouTube Ads?

Yes, you can! I would very much recommend finalizing your sales funnels and defining your metrics before you dump heavy sums of money into advertising.  Remember you always want to test small and scale.  That is our motto every time we take on a new client.  Once you have your funnels proven and you know your CPA then you too can generate leads with YouTube advertising!

Is Your Business Ready For YouTube Advertising

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Here is what Tom Kardaza from Rock Star Real Estate said about working with us and their success about YouTube Advertising…

“It’s rare to find people who actually know what they’re talking about. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on marketing so we wouldn’t consider ourselves new to online advertising and at this point it’s hard to impress us … but that’s what Jake and his team have done. We’re impressed with these guys – they act quickly, follow through on their promises and deliver results. We would highly recommend them to our closest friends.”

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