3 Things You Need To Know Before Advertising on YouTube

We have discovered three indicators that can tell us if a YouTube Campaign will be effective for your company. 

There is a question that exists in our industry niche; a question that you as a business owner, or a marketing manager may be asking yourself at this very moment.  “Will advertising on YouTube work for me or my business”?  The question derives from the great unknowns of YouTube.  Long thought to be a place where the luck of the viral video rules, it is now a place where you can target, measure, and see guaranteed results.

There is no way of knowing exactly if something will work until you do it.  However, through a little bit of research we have discovered three indicators that tell you how well a campaign will work for your company.

1) What Is A Customer Worth To You?

Value Vs PriceAny business that wants to grow needs to know their numbers. If you know what a customer is worth to you, that says you are ready for growth. In TrueView, as in most forms of marketing, being prepared to grow is maybe the most important quality a business can have. Without knowing your numbers, you cannot set goals. If you cannot set goals, your campaign has no direction or purpose.

In every phone call that we take, one of the first questions we ask is “What is a customer worth to you?” In our experience, we’ve found that those who cannot answer this question are going to be a headache. They are not prepared for a TrueView campaign, or any type of marketing campaign.  It is like trying to cook a chicken before it has hatched from the egg. If you don’t let it hatch you are not going to get your desired outcome.  Instead of a big plate of fried chicken, you’re gonna get one very scrambled egg.

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2) What Are You Willing To Spend To Get A Customer?

What is your desired outcome?  Anyone that says anything different than customer acquisition is fooling themselves.  That is why obtaining your desired CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) should be your number one goal.

Everything in TrueView campaigns is measurable, and the adjustments you make while managing a campaign should be predicated on reaching this goal. Your desired CPA gives a campaign purpose. Without it you are just blindly paying for traffic and views, and what is the point of getting views if they do not lead to customers?.

When we take calls and someone has no hesitation when answering the question “What are you willing to spend to get a customer?”, it goes from a good call to a great one.  A couple weeks ago, we had two calls back-to-back. These calls were on completely different sides of the spectrum, one being great, the other not so much. The first call was the bad one, and we knew it was going to be bad right when we asked about their desired CPA, and the “umm birds” came out. They were not prepared for paid advertising and the whole phone call felt like we were walking in circles.

The second phone call was a breath of fresh air because they knew their numbers. When we asked, they had the answers. Calls like these breed our best campaigns. It was not that one product was better than the other, in fact, the product for the crappy phone call had been developed for a couple years and had already made money. The other product, however, had been prepared for growth and success.

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3) Have You Successfully Used Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Advertising on YouTube is the perfect bridge between TV Commercials and PPC Advertising.  The ultimate goal is to get potential customers off of YouTube and onto your website. When they get there, you have a landing page with a goal that makes the click successful. Whether that means someone buys your product, or gives you their contact information, the goal is up to you to decide.

While the strategy between AdWords, Facebook and YouTube are all very different, there is a strong correlation of success between the three.  When someone tells us that they have had success on one of these platforms and have passed the first two indicators we get really pumped.  We know that they can have a successful TrueView Campaign; one that drives in customers and a high return.

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