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TrueView Advertising Case Study: Marketing ROAS 646%

If a machine existed that took $1 and made it into $7, what would you do to get it?  That’s like asking what would you do for a Klondike Bar, pretty much anything. While the idea seems farfetched,  it is not unattainable.  This is what we have done with our client Real Truck.  For every dollar of ad spend they put into their TrueView Advertising Campaign, they are getting back $7 in sales.  Real Truck is an e-commerce company that sells truck accessories.  This case study can teach you to get a consistent ROAS using TrueView Advertising.  (Those Ads on YouTube that you can skip after 5 seconds)

The Background

RealTruck.com is one of the 20 fastest growing e-commerce sites on the web, which is attributed to their visionary leadership and talented team.  They had only dabbled in YouTube advertising before they met us and they struggled trying to get some decent results on this new advertising platform.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars in TrueView Advertising and seeing no results, they contacted us.  Five months later we turned their campaign upside down and helped produce a money making machine.

We took their “traditional” video and applied our TrueView Video Ad Formula to create a campaign that gets people off of YouTube and onto their website.  This Video Ad Formula is secret combination that, through a lot of time and a lot money, we have created to bring conversions and customers to our clients. Our numbers speak for themselves.  Check out this graph of what Real Truck has done with a little help from their friends…

TrueView ROI Chart

TrueView ROAS Chart

The Play-by-Play

Month 1: Before

The first month of the graph shows what Real Truck was doing before contacting us.  They spent around $5,000 and received no return. We found that their campaign was very unorganized, making it impossible to measure how effective the different parts of the campaign were.  They were also over-paying for views on targets that were not relevant.  Most importantly, their videos lacked certain elements that make a campaign successful and create a high click through rate.

Month 2: The Experiment

This was our first real month dealing with the campaign.  There are a lot of factors to consider in a campaign including your targets, your videos and your landing page.  In month two we had to spend money to see what targets and ad groups were draining money.  From there we filled up the holes of this sinking ship.

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Month 3: Turning Heads

Trueview Case Study Stats (RT)

TrueView Stats

We completely overhauled Real Trucks strategy.  We implemented new videos built around engagement.  Click through rates went from 1% to 3%.  The traffic tripled at a quarter of the cost from the previous month.  Since we plugged the holes in the campaign the ad spend dollars were going a lot further. This once sinking ship was burning across the Atlantic without an iceberg in sight.

Month 4: Let The Good Times Roll

In month 4 we kept the good times rolling and posted another huge gain. We did some small things like adjusting our bids to maximize efficiency but for the most part we just let the campaigns momentum continue pushing it through the month.

Month 5: Shake Your Money Maker

This is where we really shook our money maker.  We tweaked where we were spending our money by doubling the daily ad spend on all campaigns that were getting a low CPA ($75 or less) and cut spend in half on campaigns with a high CPA ($150). Our goal was to make this campaign a money making machine, and we did.

Check Out These Results

YouTube TrueView Campaign ROI Graph

YouTube TrueView Campaign ROAS Graph [Click to Enlarge]

This Success Can Be Duplicated In Any Industry, As Long As You Are Using The Right Methods.

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