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Year Ago I Quit My Job to Start Video Power Marketing

If you’re reading this right now I want to thank you for your support and trust and wanted to include you on this adventure.  One year ago today, I quit my job and started my company Video Power Marketing.  (If you’d like to read more about my decision to quit my job you can read more about it here.)

I recorded myself one hour after I quit my job and went “all in” with Video Power Marketing.  I’ve edited the video down so you can see bits and pieces of it here. Warning: It’s a bit raw and personal and leaves me a bit vulnerable but I’m sharing it anyway.

Looking back a year ago, I’m so grateful that I made the decision to pursue my passion.  Sure it was risky considering I quit my job right before my first child was born, but It was a calculated risk. I knew it would pay off and was the second best decision of my life. (Right behind marrying my wife)
Video Power Marketing has grown from an idea into a small company with a talented team.  I feel incredibly grateful that we’ve been able to help others get their message in front of specific types of people.  This service not only provides unique value to our clients, but allows me to provide for my family as well.

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  1. What an absolutely great and inspirational video Jake. I know what it feels like to leave a job and have the feelings of “holly crap! now what?”. Very cool to see man. Congrats!

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