Turn YouTube Advertising into a Cash Making Machine

While everybody knows about YouTube advertising, not many people know how to utilize it. The real question is, how can your business benefit from YouTube Advertising? In my opinion there are two reasons why people do not advertise on YouTube.

VideoPowerSquareLogoNumber one is the obsession over the viral video.  If you can get a video to go viral, good for you.  You might as well stop reading this right now.  For those who want to make money without having to wait for a viral video (which will most likely never happen), then keep on reading.  

The second reason people do not use YouTube advertising is because they do not understand how it works, nor do they understand the opportunity that comes with it.  I want to share with you this opportunity.

 Proof That It Works

 I currently have a client that is going gangbusters using the Trueview advertising platform.  Trueview is the technical term for YouTube advertising.  So, when we talk about Trueview advertising, we are referring to  YouTube advertising. This is all done using Google Adwords.  The first thing you should know about this campaign is that it took 3 months for us to start seeing a return on ad spend.

TrueView ROI Chart

It starts out like an experiment.  You have to spend money to find out what works and what doesn’t.  However, when you find what works, it works well.

It’s not like a Viral Video that gets a huge spike in traffic and then goes away.  We’re talking about consistent guaranteed results.  Where you put in a dollar and get back a dollar fifty.

In the first two months with this client, we had an ROI of almost negative $14,000 dollars.  In month three we finally figured it out and started seeing a return on our ad spend.  In months three to five we have had an ROI of $30,000, $30,000 and $60,000 respectively.  So while for 2 months we lost money, today we have a total ROI of over $100,000 dollars solely based on the clients Trueview ad spend.  For every $1 we spend on YouTube advertising, we make $7 in revenue, so basically we’ve built a money making machine.

3 Secrets to a Good Campaign

There are certain things when you and your business need to think about when starting your campaign.

  1. In your video, have a great hook.  How many of us have gone on YouTube and when the ad comes up, we skip it after 5 seconds.  You need a hook.  You need the people who are possible customers to keep watching you. People who aren’t possible customers are gonna skip it no matter what.  How you keep the possible customers watching is what makes a great campaign.

  2. Targeting possible customers is an amazing part of TrueView advertising.  You can target any demographic you want.  It is also possible place your ads on certain YouTube channels and videos.  So go ahead and take your ads and put them on your competitors videos.  You can literally hijack traffic and customers from your competitors.

  3. The main secret that many people do not realize about the YouTube ads is that they are clickable.  If you click them, people will be brought to your site.  The most beautiful part is, you do not pay for clicks, you pay for views.  For those that are familiar with Google Adwords, you are paying buckets for a click.  With Trueview (YouTube advertising) you are begging these people to click.  As long as they click before 30 seconds, you get them onto your website, for free.  I will say that again for you… Free.


Want to Take Advantage of YouTube Ads For Yourself?

There is so much more I can teach you. Sadly, it cannot all be put in one article.  The things I wrote about are just the tip of the Iceberg.  I guess you could say they were the “tips” of the iceberg (get it?).  If you really want to do this right, check out the Video Power Lab. It’s a collection of all of our tactics and strategies presented in easy step-by-step tutorials that will help you set up successful, converting Video Ad Campaigns.

If you’d like to work together, or if you’re unsure what you need, fill out an Opportunity Brief and we can discuss how to best help you over a Free Consultation

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  2. Your “proof” is a man made spreadsheet? How about a snapshot of your bank account, check from Youtube, or some other real shapshot ?

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  5. What’s the profit ? It’s good to have near $150 k in sales but if your profit before ad expenses is only $30k (20%) then after you pay for youtube ads (about $30k) you’re left with nothing…

  6. Hey Jake

    Great article – love it!

    Are you sure about the free clicks though? How do you track this?

    I mean, it makes sense to me, but I also wonder what happens after someone has clicked on the TrueView ad, visited your site, and then returns to the orginal video?

    I guess they then still have the choice to watch the rest of the ad, or are they can click on the skip button.

    What’s your thoughts on this?

    Gideon Shalwick

    1. You can see all these stats in Adwords. Your total cost, number of views, number of clicks. You’re only charged by the number of views. A view being if the viewer watches half of the ad or at least 30 seconds, whatever comes first.

  7. This looks compelling but the average youtuber doesnt have $12,000 to risk when waiting for an ROI. How can we be sure that this will work for a much smaller budget?

      1. I started with a budget of $200, once I saw it was working I increased it to $900. It works for everyone that has a product to sell, no excuses.

    1. I started with a budget of $200, once I saw it was working I increased it to $900. It works for everyone that has a product to sell, no excuses.

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