Austin Craig Interview 3

The Biggest Mistake People Make In Video Marketing


This is the final part of my interview with Austin Craig, spokesman for YouTube success story Orabrush. I hope that they’ve been interesting and that you’ve learned something awesome. If you have, share these blog posts with someone else who might find them interesting as well. In this last part Austin talks about what to avoid for those of you doing video marketing.

watching my parents use a computerThe thing that Austin talks about isn’t so much a mistake in action as it is a mistake in mindset. That mindset is that people see online video marketing as something that’s new and scary and different and so they avoid it. Don’t be scared of it! If you’re too scared to mess around with it, you’re never going to learn how to use it. You’d be like our parents learning how to use the computer.  They’re scared they’re going to break something if they play around with it so they don’t try and they don’t learn and then they turn their kids into their own personal Apple Care (am I right or am I right?)

If you don’t know how to use AdWords for video, go to the University of YouTube and learn yourself something useful. Dedicate just a small budget to promoting your video at first. If you lose $50 so what? Consider it an investment.

Think about this: Imagine you have no job and I give you a guitar. You could be too scared that you might break a string, or strum a wrong chord and just leave the guitar in the case. Or you pick it up and learn how to play, go out on the street and play for people as they pass by, earning a little cash here and there. Then you take that cash and reinvest it into your guitar playing. Pretty soon you’re playing for small private parties, festivals, concerts, whatever. You’re a rockstar. Don’t just let this opportunity to use these video marketing tools pass you by.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”                    -Henry Ford

Austin Craig Interview 3When I worked at ZAGG we ran a campaign for one of our invisibleSHIELD’s and put a bunch of money into it right at the beginning thinking we knew what we were doing. When we got some numbers back we realized we were getting a horrible ROI on conversions. But because of how powerful these tools are we were able to go in and see that 18-35 year olds were converting really well but the 60+ crowd was just wasting our time. So we paused the ads for their group and only showed them to the age group that cared. We kind of learned the hard way, but we did learn and that’s what was most important. We were then able to apply what we learned to our campaigns in the future.

Well guys that’s it for my insightful interview series with Austin. I personally think that the content, ideas, strategies, and advice from these videos could be worth $1,000. Knowledge is priceless. If you apply the things you learned from watching and reading these, it’s very likely to bring your business much more than that. But here I am giving it out to you for free. All I ask is that you don’t waste what you’ve learned. Share these with someone else and as always, let me know what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would like to learn more about, or anything else.

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  1. This interview is way to short.. If you have a expert to interview. I would have really Interview him, make him or her go into details. If there to much material or you think the material go to to contemplated you can edit the footage

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