40 Superbowls Happen Every Day on YouTube

Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness Vs YouTube Advertising

This year, the billions of dollars being carelessly spent on TV ads will flow towards YouTube.  Advertisers pay around 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot on the Super Bowl.  I’m not trying to be sarcastic when I say that the Super Bowl has a small viewership of only 100 million people watching.  Yeah, you read that right, The Super Bowl has a small viewership.

Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness Vs YouTube

YouTube Advertising Crushes Super Bowl Advertising

YouTube has 1 Billion active subscribers and gets 4 Billion views EVERY DAY! So basically…40 Super Bowls Happen Every Day on YouTube.  This is a major problem for the TV industry, and a huge opportunity for marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Why YouTube TrueView Advertising Will Replace Traditional TV Commercials

YouTube Advertising TrueView In-Stream Ad

YouTube Advertising TrueView In-Stream Ad

You know those ads on YouTube that you can skip after 5 seconds?  Those are TrueView (YouTube) In-Stream Ads and they allow viewers to skip an ad if they’re not interested.

It also allows advertisers the ability to Hyper-Target their ads at an affordable price.  Since Google owns YouTube, this is all done within the Google Adwords platform.

Everything that YouTube Advertising is, TV is not: Engaging, Hyper-Targeted, Affordable, Trackable, and the Future.

Consumers Get a Better Experience & Advertisers Get a More Engaged Audience

I know everybody hates ads because blah blah blah. But here’s the thing, you’re going to get advertised to no matter what.  Would you rather see ads that are catered to your interests and lifestyle, or see ads that you care nothing about?

If a company is spending money trying to get my attention because they believe they have a product or service that will improve my life, I’m all for it. I want to see that ad.

Video Power Marketing depends on getting our clients a trackable return on ad spend.  We don’t want to waste our clients ad spend on people who don’t care and aren’t interested.  Which would be more valuable; people who choose to watch your ads or people who are forced to watch your ads?

No matter how much you spend on advertising there will always be people who will never buy your product.  Why waste your valuable ad spend dollars on people who don’t care?

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Unlike TV Commercials, YouTube gives viewers the ability to skip the ads that aren’t relevant.  Because this whole process is done within Google Adwords, Google rewards and punishes the ad based on performance.  If an ad has a high view rate and click through rate, the advertiser will pay a lower cost per view.  But if the ad performs poorly the advertiser will have to pay more in order for their ad to be shown.

This forces advertisers to be more creative and targeted in their advertising thus giving consumers a better experience and the advertiser a better audience.

Only Pay When People Actually Watch Your Video

When was the last time you actually watched a TV commercial? When a commercial comes on I either fast forward it or I go straight to my phone.  TV commercials do not have our  attention.  So what are TV advertisers getting from their ad spend if they don’t have our attention?

What happens when Google gets the advertising rights to the Super Bowl?  What if the only way you could watch the Super Bowl was on YouTube?

The YouTube ads you see now (you know, the targeted ones you can skip) will become the standard on the digital version of the NFL. Jason Calacanis

Compare this outdated model to YouTube ads where the advertiser only pays if the viewer watches half of the ad or 30 seconds, whichever comes first. It’s performance based advertising and you know exactly what you’re paying for.  Guaranteed.  It’s no longer a shot in the dark hoping to hit something.

It’s the very beginning of this new type of advertising that will grow to 5 Billion in revenue by 2016.

Not only are YouTube Ads outperforming TV, but it’s even outperformed PPC Ads in certain industries. The Cost Per View with YouTube is now, where the Cost Per Click in Search was 10 years ago.
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Hyper Targeting with YouTube Ads

Advertisers can place their video in front very specific types of people with deadly precision.  If you know who your customer is, you won’t waste your ad spend trying to get people who will never buy your product anyway.  For example, anyone can create an ad that targets:

  • Males
  • 25-34 years old
  • Interested in technology
  • Who use an iPhone
  • Live in San Francisco
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Super Analytics

The analytics learned from the advertising campaign is just as amazing as the targeting ability. Advertisers can know…

  • Number of times the Ad was played
  • When the Ad was shown
  • How much of the Ad was viewed
  • If a product was purchased afterwards
  • What the Cost Per View is
  • What’s the Cost Per Conversion / Customer Acquisition
  • What’s the conversion rate

Compare this to the TV Model…

YouTube Advertising Vs TV AdvertisingGive us $200,000. We estimate that your message will be shown in 500,000 households. Whether people actually watched your Ad we don’t know. They may be in another room when it airs. We also don’t know if the viewers actually did anything after the commercial. Did they drive to a store and purchased your product? Probably not.

Which metrics are more important to you, sales & conversions or impressions & nelson score?  There’s so much valuable data gained in online advertising that just isn’t possible with old media (TV, Print, etc)

Gone are the days of forced advertising watching and seeing ads that we don’t control.

YouTube allows anyone to get Super Bowl-like exposure without paying Super Bowl prices. You may not be able to outspend your competitors, but you can outsmart them.Jake Larsen

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