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Learn Simple Video Tactics &  Strategies to Increase Your Online Presence with Video.

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  Learn how to conduct KeyWord Research to see what people are searching for and how to optimize your videos to rank  high on both YouTube and Google search.

More Engagement


  Learn the one thing that you can do, to increase your likes, comments & shares by 60%.  The more engagement your video has the better chance it has to ranking high.

More Fun


  There are 100 Hours of Video Uploaded Each Minute to YouTube. How can people find your video?  Learn how to grab people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

What’s Included In The Course:

Day 1: Keywords

This video teaches you all about the importance of keywords and how they boost your SEO so that you can be seen easier in search results.

Day 2: Timing & Trends

Here you’ll learn how to watch for trends in search terms and how you can use popular searches to attract traffic to your videos.

Day 3: On-Site Optimization

Learn how to properly fill out tags, title, description, and create effective custom thumbnails on your YouTube videos.

Day 4: Off-Site Optimization

Though you have less control over this, we’ll teach you the best things you can do to get more shares, likes, comments, etc.

Day 5: Engaging Content

Learn how to create video content that will engage your viewers and make them follow your call-to-action by liking, subscribing, clicking, etc.

Day 6: Be Unique

There are 100+ hours of video uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. Learn how to be unique & stand out from the crowd.

Day 7: Going Deeper

Now that you understand the basics of video marketing, let me introduce you to the really great part of YouTube…video advertising.

Day 8: How To Make $1 A Day

Take what you’ve learned about video marketing and apply it. We’ll teach you how to monetize your videos (that are now getting a lot of traffic) so you can start making money off of them.