This page is dedicated to the services, products and equipment that I use personally and professionally for video marketing.  I stand by these resources 100% and they include everything from video production equipment to marketing services.

Royalty Free Music

Music drives the tone of your video. I use AudioJungle to find most of my music. They have a massive collection of sound effects, royalty free music and stock audio that you can purchase to use in your projects.

Website Templates

ThemeForest is loaded with beautiful, functional, and impressive website templates that you can buy and apply to WordPress, Tumblr, and so much more. Themes generally range from $15-$55 but take out tons of coding on your end.

Motion Graphics

Add awesome effects and titles into your videos without doing all of the hard work. At VideoHive you can buy Motion Graphics; files for After Effects, Cinema 4D, or Apple Motion; stock video footage; and video plugins.

Host Gator

After doing some research I’ve decided to host all of my stuff with Host Gator. They’re affordable, reliable, and easy to use.

Domains | GoDaddy

One of my spending weaknesses is buying new domain names. When I’m in the market, I’m always looking around GoDaddy. Cheap domain names is exactly what you get.

GoPro Cameras

It’s the worlds best-selling camera, so how could anyone involved in video production not own one? It’s the easiest and highest-value camera I’ve ever used. Add one of these to your arsenal and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud will provide you with all of the tools you need for web, video, design, sound, and just about anything else. A subscription to the Creative Cloud gives you access to the entire Master Suite.

Portable Microphone – Zoom

Bad audio = bad video. Don’t overlook an investment in some good audio recording tools. The Portable Zoom Mic has a higher price tag but is totally.

Green Screen

If you invest in one backdrop, make it a green screen. That will allow you to change it to whatever you want in editing.

White Screen

Get yourself one of these white backdrops off of Amazon for a great professional looking backdrop for your videos.

Canon T2i Camera

This is the camera that I use in most of my videos. There are plenty of newer versions and other cameras you can use but this gets the job done just fine.

Rode iPhone Lav Mic

The Rode iPhone Lav Mic is sweet. It plugs right into your iPhone headphone jack to collect audio. I’d highly recommend some sort of lav mic for interviews.

LED Lights

If you’re looking for value lighting, these guys are for you. Small, cheap, but very effective and bright. Operate on “AA” batteries.

Soft Box Lights

A good set of softbox lights will do wonders for your video. They’re more expensive than the portable LED’s but definitely worth it.

WD 4TB External

Video is the new gold. Consider a good hard drive to be like your own personal bank to hold it all. I’d recommend at least 1TB for starters. Video takes a lot of space.