How To Make Money On YouTube

Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A CASH MACHINE

Do you want to learn how to make money on YouTube but have no clue where to start and how to do it? This Video Course is an easy Step-by-Step Guide that will teach anyone how to start making money on YouTube.

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How to find a profitable niche
How to Monetize your YouTube Channel
How to find out what people are searching for
How to find keywords that advertisers pay big money for
How to optimize your video and channel to rank higher
How to produce a massive amount of videos in little time

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how to make money on youtube

Can you imagine if you were able to scale your YouTube channel to making just $30 a day? That would make you an extra $10,000+ a year for doing what you love to do. This is something you’d do for free anyway and the fact that people will pay you for it makes it that much sweeter. I’m giving you a step by step guide how to make money. Within weeks of monetizing one of my YouTube channels, I started seeing results. Views went up, Engagement went up and the money slowly started to flow in. I started from rock bottom; with no money, no subscribers and without a following and now Google sends me a check every month.

I Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here

how to make money on youtube

A lot of people want to make money on YouTube but have no clue where to start and how to do it. Not all of us have thousands of followers and subscribers that we can leverage to bring in that income we so desperately want. You don’t need millions of views and followers to make money on YouTube.  This course provides you with the template you need to learn how to make money without having a huge following. This is not a course that promises you thousands of dollars over night, but it does promise some extra cash to support your lifestyle. Who couldn’t use more money? Those dollars start to add up and after a year you’ll have $365 that you didn’t have before.

Once you’ve earned that first dollar there will be nothing stopping you from making $10, $20 or even $100 a day. That first dollar is the hardest one to make and once you’ve got it, the rest of the pieces fall into place and you can scale your income to the sky.

How I Make Money On YouTube

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… you want to turn your hobby into a profession.

… you want financial freedom.

… you struggle to get views, subscribers, traffic and exposure.

… you want to learn how to make professional, high quality videos.

… you want to increase your online presence

… you want a guide to video creation, optimization & monetization.

… you don’t know where to start for video marketing.

… you want instruction for Keyword Research, SEO & Optimization.

… you want to quit your day job.

… you want practical real world tips that work and get results.

… you’re overwhelmed with so many options that lack visible results.

… you’re having trouble getting noticed in this saturated market.

… you don’t know where to begin and how to go about.

… you want the ability to pump out quality videos at will.

… you’re starting from scratch with little views & subscribers


… you have never made a video.

… you don’t know how to edit video.

… you’re not willing to pay for quality instruction that bring results.

… you don’t care about ranking high on the first page of the search.

… you don’t have a strong work ethic.

… you’re not willing to pay for success.

… you don’t know what YouTube is.

… you’re not willing to invest in yourself or your future.

… you’re looking for quick over night success.

… you’re more worried about price than value.

… you call the internet the World Wide Web.

… you’re scared of computers.

… you don’t care about making money online.

… you’re a sketchy person

… you already have enough views and subscribers.

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What Are People Saying?

“I’m a hard sell. I don’t buy into bullshit and I can tell when somebody is selling to me. I found your advertisement from googling a video I heard on a social media marketing podcast. I have a podcast and I’m looking at using video for it. You not only sold me through the conversion but earned my as a subscriber and I subsequently gave a shit enough to send you an email saying I’m impressed with what you did. Nice work.”


“I’m still learning this stuff, I optimized one video and it shot up 200 views in a few days. This is not a huge amount but it is huge for me considering most videos that start up get no more than 2 views in a year… I average a good 100 in a day which is a great starting point. Great work, thank you.”

“At first I thought it might be a scam, but it proved me wrong. It is just amazing.”

“I really enjoyed & learned a lot from your videos. Please don’t stop. You have a great sense of humor & your tutorials are non stop informational. Thank you for the course.”

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