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Campaign planner

Get the tool that we use to set up ALL of our clients campaigns for instant results

Whether you’re just learning video marketing, or you already know the ropes, The Video Campaign Planner is the one tool that we would never set up a single campaign without.

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Stop Guessing

See your estimated numbers before you start burning money on your campaigns.

Capture Attention

Identify the right audience and how to capture their attention through your video

Stay Organized

AdWords can be a real headache. Keep your campaigns organized, keep your sanity.

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What’s Included

Video Campaign Planner

The ROI Calculator

Of the many tools we offer at Video Power, this is one of our most popular. The ROI Calculator will help you determine if your campaign will be successful or not BEFORE you even start spending money on it!

Just plug in your numbers on the left hand side, and the Calculator provides you with how many views you’ll get, customers you can gain, what your ROI could be, and more!

The Campaign Setup Checklist

There are a lot of steps required to set up and launch a campaign. Use the Campaign Setup Checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of them & get everything set up before you launch.

The Checklist includes steps required to complete the Campaign Planner, setup your AdWords Account, your YouTube account, & your TrueView campaign. Step-by-step video tutorials are included for members of the Video Power Lab

Video Campaign Planner Checklist

Right Message

Script Builder

If you’re interested in advertising your business on YouTube, do NOT just plan on uploading a commercial you shot for TV and seeing if that works (Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t). YouTube and TV are completely different beasts that need to be approached with different strategies.

When it comes to creating the video ad, most of the people we work with ask us the same question “So…what should we say?”. The Script Builder will help you identify the right message that will attract your target audience and get them to act.

Before we met our friend Matt O’Neill, he was spending money on YouTube, but wasn’t seeing the results that he wanted. After we started working with Matt and showed him how to tweak his script to be effective on YouTube, he quickly saw better results and has been advertising on YouTube ever since.

Campaign Structure Tool

If your campaigns aren’t properly structured, it’s like pouring water on a countertop. The water just follows the path of least resistance. In a campaign, your money would be spent showing your ad to whoever sees it first. Give your campaign the right structure and you’re telling AdWords exactly what kind of person is worth spending your money on.

We had another client named Melanie who was previously spending money on video advertising. We got into her AdWords and helped her restructure her campaigns using the Campaign Structure Tool. Once we told AdWords where to spend the money, Melanie started seeing more leads & sales as a result.

Campaign Structure

“Jake and his team are awesome! I was worried going in that I would not get the conversions that I needed from YouTube but after applying what Jake teaches my ads are getting better conversions than I thought. Every penny saved on conversions means dollars in my pocket. YouTube seemed difficult at first but after dedicating just a little bit of time, I was up and running and feeling confident. If you need high quality conversions Jake and his team have some tricks up their sleeves that will blow you away.”Josh Rossi | Josh Rossi Photography