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After Google asked him to be a YouTube Marketing Ambassador, Jake Larsen quit his job (a month before his first child was born) to start Video Power Marketing; a video production / advertising agency that helps people capture attention, drive traffic and increase sales using YouTube Advertising.  Jake works with businesses to transform their YouTube ad campaigns into automated sales machines.

Pursuing Passion

Jake Larsen grew up with a camera in his hand.  His passion for video making lead him to TV Advertising in LA, where he worked behind the scenes with FOX Entertainment on TV shows like 24, American Idol and House.  It was here that he started to notice this massive change that was going on in the video advertising world. People’s eyes and ears weren’t where they used to be, they were shifting from TV to Online Video.

Jake & Salar the CEO of YouTube

YouTube Marketing Ambassadors

By creating effective videos and creating his own YouTube Advertising Strategies, Jake’s been able to grow channels up to 24 million views and increase online sales by 65% for multi-million dollar companies. His creative marketing solutions caught the attention of Google and was asked to become a YouTube Marketing Ambassador, an invitation that only 10 companies in the world received.

It was through this opportunity that Jake was among the first people to start using YouTube TrueView advertising platform.  Jake immediately saw extreme value in this and how it would disrupt the advertising industry.

Baby Celebration Jake and D

Quit My Job a Month Before My First Child Was Born

Knowing that the billions of dollars being wasted on TV commercials would eventually flow to YouTube,  Jake quit his job (a month before his first child was born) to start Video Power Marketing.  A video production / advertising agency that helps companies leverage video to capture attention, drive traffic and increase conversions using YouTube TrueView Advertising.


Jake Larsen Speaks

YouTube Advertising Strategies

Jake developed a Specific YouTube Strategy that has allowed him and his clients the ability to get their message in front of many specific types of people.  This video strategy not only guarantees views, but cuts through the competition to capture and direct viewers attention.  These videos are built around getting people to move.  Videos that drive traffic and increase sales.

His YouTube Ads have caught the attention from people all over the world, including online marketing giant Ryan Deiss, who asked Jake to speak at the Traffic & Conversions Summit in San Diego.  This new video marketing strategy earned Jake a spot on Internet Marketing Magazine.


Jake Larsen Cover of Internet Marketing Magazine

Jake Larsen Cover of Internet Marketing Magazine

Helping Clients Grow Their Business

Jake has played with millions of dollars of ad spend trying to figure out a formula that makes getting an ROI on your ad spend possible.  From this experience he knows better than anybody what works and what doesn’t work.  He’s been able to transform campaigns into an automated money making machine where $1 of ad spend goes in, and $7 in sales come out.


If you’d like to connect or talk please hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter or email me Jake@VideoPower.org