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How To Profit From Your Passion on YouTube | YouTube Monetization



Devin Graham and Jake LarsenI was asked to speak at the Weber State Tech Expo last week and spoke about how you can profit from your Passion on YouTube.  I’ve put my slides from my workshop on Slideshare.

I spoke after Devin SuperTramp’s Keynote Speech so it was awesome to have speak as a perfect example of living a life of passion and being paid for it too.

YouTube Advertising has forever changed video advertising.  People’s eyes and ears are not where they used to be. (TV)  The billions of dollars that are spent on TV advertising will flow to Youtube, thus allowing creators to monetize their channels with ads. If you can gain people’s attention and build a viewership it allows you to live off the videos you create thanks to YouTube monetization.

If you are interested in making a living on YouTube, I’d suggest signing up for my video course, How to Make a Dollar a Day on YouTube. It’s a step by step tutorial guide that teaches you everything you possibly need to know about monetizing your YouTube Channel to make money. Check it out HERE.

If you’re new to video marketing I suggest you signup for myFREE Video Marketing Course.

Here’s My SlideDeck from the Presentation.

How To Profit From Your Passion on YouTube from Jake Larsen

Profit from Passion - Jake's Class


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  1. Before trying to earn alot we should focus on earning the first dollar..

    Because its most important, if we cannot even earn a $ then there is not point even in trying further…
    That’s my point for weever is trying to earn from Youtube or Affiliate..

  2. Its very hard to earn from Youtube. Whats more harder is to gain views.
    1 year and about 10 videos and with almost 10,000+ views and about $10.

    I don’t blame youtube or myself, i just created random videos on Hosting, Domain and some dub mash and published that all i did..

    How can i get more views?? How can I rank higher in Youtube search?

  3. sir ,i tried some marketing to increase views with zero income since 2 years i am yet to make a mark and also lost money in the process i dont which is true and which is false i have around 5 videos plus if properly advertised can reach million views

  4. Can you make much money on Youtube without your own channel and a large following? Adsense? If you create a channel concerning a specific topic, does Google automatically serve related ads?


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