How To Come Up With New Video Ideas

Do you ever wonder how to come up with new video ideas for a YouTube Channel? This could be a personal Channel or one that you manage for a business. Either way, we’re all familiar with the looming thought: “Crap. I need to come up with a new video for my YouTube Channel to post by tomorrow”.

Trying to be creative & original all of the time can be hard, & even lead to major burnout if you don’t find a way to lighten the load. You don’t always have to pull ideas out of thin air. We’re going to share a secret of how to come up with good video ideas for YouTube. This one simple hack will not only save you from creative burnout, but it will also take your video marketing skills to the next level!

YouTube Search Hack

To get started, open up YouTube and a text document to write down the video ideas that you come up with during this process. At the top of your text document, write a general search term that you’d like to find new ideas for. If you were an accountant maybe you would write something like “do your taxes” or “business taxes”. If you have Channel that teaches video production tips and techniques maybe you could write something like “Premiere Pro” or “how to make video”. For this example we’re going to use the term “how to come up with video”.

Take the term you just came up with and start typing it into the Search bar in YouTube. As you start to type, it will start to autofill suggestions. These are the most popular search terms with that search term on YouTube right now. Take the terms on this list that you think you can make a video of and write them down on your text document.

If you create a video for any or all of these terms, you’re going to have a much better chance of getting your videos seen. Another benefit of creating videos with these terms is that you’ll have a more recent version than all the ones that are out there right now. As long as your video is good quality and has good audience retention, YouTube will favor your video because it has the newest information.

New Video Ideas (Remix)

Copy Transform Combine for new video ideasIt’s been said that we live in the Remix Generation. Take this to heart when you’re trying to come up with new video ideas. We’re not necessarily talking about ripping off someone’s video and auto-tuning it into a song. To “remix” means to produce a different version by altering the original product. In this case, consider the “original product” as the video idea, not the video itself. You can get ideas from other people and then make your own version. Challenges are great examples of this technique. How many different “Mannequin Challenge” videos do you remember seeing?

While you’re looking up search terms, click on some of the autofill results. Once you do that, look at the kinds of titles people are using for each search term and add your own spin to it. For example, take “how to come up with video” and change it to “how to come up with video in 5 minutes or less”. If you have a plugin like TubeBuddy or VidIQ that will allow you to see the tags that people use on their videos, you can also use some of those terms to help you brainstorm new video ideas or search topics.

Make Great YouTube Videos

Using these methods you’ll be able to come up with a month’s worth of content in less than 30 minutes. Not only that but you’ll also dominate your search terms and rank better on YouTube overall. Another benefit of building a strong organic presence is that it will do wonders to help with your paid traffic.

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