Proven Copy & Paste Landing Pages for YouTube

Proven Copy and Paste Formula For Your YouTube Ad Landing Pages

There is a lot of information on the internet about landing pages. I suggest you do as much research as possible when creating your landing page. This checklist is for a YouTube specific Ad campaign.

This is a proven formula that is working right now in successful YouTube campaigns.

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We know for a fact that YouTube is a great tool for collecting leads. The best way to entice viewers to become leads is to offer a lead magnet.

For those who don’t speak Digital Marketer, a lead magnet is something of value you can give people for free.  In return, they offer you their name and email (maybe a phone number, but people are often reluctant to give this out right away).

Once you have an email you can begin the process from lead to customer with your email marketing. Here is a great resource from Digital Marketer to help you come up with lead magnet ideas

What Type Of Headline Keeps People On Your Page?

  • What Your Headline Should Be…
    • A statement that touches on the fears or desires of the customer
    • A statement that shows the major benefits of your product
  • What Your Headline is not…
    • It is not your product name
    • It is not misleading comments or information

Not Having a Video Is The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make

People are on YouTube expecting to watch a video, give them what they want and put a video on your page.

According to a study by, adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

From our experience the most successful landing page videos are about 1-3 minutes long and go into more depth about that value and features of your product and/or lead magnet. We have seen people be successful with videos up to 20 minutes long.

It’s most important to retain the same formula from your video: Ad = Hook + Value + CTA

Having The Main CTA or Form Above The Fold Will Decrease The Drop Off Rate

Above The Fold

Lower your bounce rate by having the checkout form/button above the fold. “Above the fold” means that people do not have to scroll to see it.

It should be placed next to or just below your landing page video.  Also check out the cool mustache I gave Jake in the image.

Tell People How They Will Benefit

Give a list of the top features of your product or service. These features should be specific to the desires and fears of the customer. No one will read a list unless it relates to them

It is often beneficial to add a disclaimer or money back guarantee to be upfront and confident about your product. Google also likes the transparency and it may help get your ads approved. If you need more help getting your ads approved you can check our post about it.

Testimonials Do Something In Minutes, That Would Take You Months 

John Lee Dumas Testimonial

People don’t generally like being sold to. However, they’re a lot more ok with being sold to by your customers than they are with being sold to by the actual vendor.

If you don’t have testimonials, ask for them.  People are often willing to give them to you if you have provided them value. If you have video testimonials use them in your landing page video.

Why do you think restaurants want a high score on Yelp?

Do You Need A Checklist & Visual?

Here are the 7 things that we have discussed to far…

  1. Get An E-mail Address
  2. Headline
  3. Video
  4. Form/Checkout for Lead Magnet
  5. Product Image
  6. List of Features
  7. Testimonials

If you want a really good visual here is a great one by Neal Patel.

Follow the formula we laid out and use this visual from Neal Patel and you will have a landing page that converts.

From here you have two great options for moving forward.  If you want specific campaign advice, set up a free consultation or you can join the Video Power Lab.  You want to be successful, we want to make you successful.  So, we are offering these tools to make you successful.

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