Are You Getting an ROI on Your Video Campaigns?

Personalized Coaching

This one-on-one implementation program is designed to help you create videos that move people and place them in front of your future customer with YouTube (TrueView) Ads.

This is for those who don’t have the time or money to try and figure it out on their own.  It’s taken us years and over a million dollars of ad spend to develop our YouTube ad strategy.

It would be borderline foolish to waste your money learning what we already have, so let us help you develop a YouTube Ad campaign that actually gets you the results you want.

What You’ll Get…

   1 Strategy Session; Our first call is all about creating a custom marketing plan for your business.

   3 Additional Video Calls; 30 Minutes a week of personalized guidance specific to your business.

   Access to our Team via email so you get the custom support when you need it.

   Weekly Instructions & Assignments so you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

   Access to our Tools, Systems and Templates so you can work faster with less time and effort.

   Access to our Advanced Video Trainings and Checklists, so you’ll know EXACTLY how to do it.

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Your Time Is Limited

You don’t have time or energy to master a new skill but we can help you learn more–faster–to get you actual results

Wasted Ad Spend

We’ve already made the costly mistakes you haven’t made yet. We can prevent you from wasting not only your money, but your time.

Simple Shortcuts

We’ve created simple tools, systems, templates, checklists that turns complexity into simplicity which can get you more results in less time.

Works For Anyone

We’ve made successful campaigns for clients in various different industries. Our strategy can be applied to any business.

Personal Guidance

We’ve got the answers to questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet. You need someone that’s been where you want to go and give specific feedback on how to get there.

Constant Support

During your coaching, you’ll have access to our team via e-mail in case you need help outside of your weekly calls.

What We’ll Cover

Foundation of Success

  • Learn our YouTube Ads ROI Blueprint
  • Identify Desired Results, Product Offer & Audience
  • Conduct Targeted Research (Get inside the head of your audience)

Creating Videos That Move People

  • Our Video Ad Formula to Capture Attention, Drives Traffic and Get Conversions
  • How to Shoot Simple & Effective Videos
  • Which types of videos to create for your audience

YouTube Channel Setup / Optimization

  • The Best Way to Setup & Optimize Your YouTube Channel.
  • Associate your Website and Link to Adwords
  • How to Optimize Your Video Ads

Adwords Account Setup

  • How to Link YouTube Channel and Analytics Account
  • How to Setup Conversion Tracking to Track Performance
  • How to Create Remarketing List

TrueView Campaign Setup &  Organization

  • Best Way to Setup and Structure Your Video Campaigns & Target Groups
  • Which types of Targeting to use for specific Video Ads
  • How to Best Setup In-Stream & In-Display Video Ads

TrueView Campaign Optimization

  • Know which metrics to measure and adjust to improve performance.
  • How to optimize ads and targets to get conversions fast
  • How to scale ad spend while maintaining cost per conversion

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Words From Marketers & Our Clients

“The way that I found Jake is I was actually doing research on this particular subject and I saw his ad. I said, ‘Dang, that’s a good ad. It got me. This guy knows what he’s doing.’ So I bought his products that he had at the time, signed up for his list, and finally emailed him and said, ‘Man, we gotta get you to come out and talk about YouTube advertising cause it’s an under discussed subject and you know what you are doing.’ Jake Larsen is a YouTube ambassador. He also does his own consulting and training when it comes to this particular subject so you guys could not be in better hands.”
– Ryan Deiss (Founder of

“Jake is an expert in his field. He manages YouTube ads. I hired him and he walked me through the process as a first-timer. Would recommend Jake to anyone wanting to bring in more leads through YouTube ads.”
– Kim Flynn (Founder of Kim Flynn Consulting)

“It’s rare to find people who actually know what they’re talking about. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on marketing so we wouldn’t consider ourselves new to online advertising and at this point it’s hard to impress us … but that’s what Jake and his team have done. We’re impressed with these guys – they act quickly, follow through on their promises and deliver results. We would highly recommend them to our closest friends.”
– Tom Karadza (Co-Founder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc.)

Kevin Gavine

“We’ve really enjoyed working with Jake and the team at Video Power over the last few months! They were very helpful in getting us setup to start optimizing our current YouTube videos and bring in a new revenue stream through our Paid Search spend. We were getting positive ROI results within weeks of working together. YouTube is the next big thing in PPC and Video Power can really help get you started.”
– Kevin Gavine (Senior Product Manager of eCommerce at Corel Corporation)

Jake Larsen
Jake Larsen
Founder of Video Power Marketing

About Jake Larsen…

Jake has played with millions of dollars of ad spend trying to figure out a formula that makes getting an ROI on your ad spend possible. From this experience he knows better than anybody what works and what doesn’t work. He’s been able to transform campaigns into an automated money making machine where $1 of ad spend goes in, and $7 in sales come out.

By creating effective video capaigns on YouTube, Jake’s been able to grow channels up to 24 million views and increase online sales by 65% for multi-million dollar companies. His creative marketing solutions caught the attention of Google and was asked to become a YouTube Marketing Ambassador. Jake was among the first people to start using YouTube TrueView advertising platform and started Video Power Marketing, a video production / advertising agency that helps companies leverage video to capture attention, drive traffic and increase conversions using YouTube TrueView Advertising.

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