How To Buy YouTube Views The Google Approved Way

Do you want to start a YouTube Channel but are overwhelmed by the thought of starting from ground zero? You know how to make videos but growing an audience from rock bottom is such a daunting task. That’s how I felt when I decided to start our family vlog Channel. However, after years of placing ads on YouTube for businesses, I found the quickest, easiest, and only Google approved way to buy YouTube views & get tons of real subscribers.

The wrong way to buy YouTube views

How cool would it be to be able to generate thousands of real, engaged subscribers for your YouTube channel at the click of a button? Let’s get one thing straight right away, I’m not talking about buying fake, robot YouTube subscribers. I’m talking about using YouTube ads to accelerate building real, authentic relationships.

I’m going to break down a real life case study of how I used YouTube Ads to go from 0 to 4,000+ subscribers in 6 weeks with no previous following, and how you can too.



Before we go further, we need to resolve some misconceptions you may have about YouTube Ads…

  1. Pfffff, YouTube Ads, those are so annoying. Nobody even watches them. That’s what our clients thought too until they saw the kinds of results our video ad campaigns generated. Last month alone we were able to get more than 1.5 million views and 12,000 conversions across our clients campaigns. The truth is, 95% of the YouTube ads out there aren’t even set up correctly AND don’t know how to target the right audience.
  2. I can’t create YouTube Ads, because I’m not a big company. YouTube is not TV. You don’t have to be a big brand or company to run YouTube Ads. We’ve been able to setup campaigns for brands that have reached millions of people. I’ve also created campaigns for myself with as little as $10 a day. And I’ve been able to reach viewers worldwide from from the comfort of my own home..
  3. Isn’t buying YouTube views sketchy?  Yes, it can be sketchy to buy YouTube views (and you can get your Channel in a lot of trouble for doing it), but what you’re really paying for here is distribution. The views, subscribers, and leads that you will acquire are just a byproduct of the distribution. If you want to buy some bread or milk, you go to the grocery store. If you want to buy online distribution, you go to Google Adwords. We’re not buying fake views and subscribers like other sketchy people offer. These are real people who are choosing to watch your video, choosing to click and choosing to subscribe to your channel.
  4. Why would I want to pay for views when I can get them for free? At the end of the day, you have to weigh your costs. You’re investing valuable time and energy making videos. How frustrating is it when they get no views? Your videos are worthless if nobody sees them. It only costs a couple cents per view so it’s worth the investment.


Case Study: Larsen Family Soul

Larsen Family Soul LogoMy family and I decided that we wanted to start a family YouTube Channel. In talking to some friends who are currently on YouTube, we heard that it can take a long time of consistently creating videos before you even start to build your subscriber base. Even with a solid video SEO strategy combined with creating daily videos it could take you 3-6 months before you’re starting to get some good engagement.

Everyone I talked to said “Jake, if you want to take YouTube seriously, you’ve got to upload daily.” For me, it felt awkward to think about uploading videos daily that would have zero views and zero comments for the first few weeks or months. Plus, I didn’t have the time to be creating daily videos and I didn’t want to wait 3-6 months to get a subscriber base.

So here’s how I went from 0 to my first 4,000 subscribers within 6 weeks with no previous following. The secret sauce, was knowing how to use YouTube ads.


How to Buy YouTube Views (The Right Way)

Here’s the exact process I followed…

    1. First, I created a fun “Channel Trailer” type video that introduced my family, showed some funny clips and asked the viewer to follow along on our adventure by subscribing to the Channel (Click here to watch it). By using our Video Ad Formula, I was able to make sure this was an engaging video that would prompt viewers to take action.
    2. I researched the top 50 Channels that my target audience would be watching already. These are the channels that you’ll specifically be putting your video ad on. Since we had a family vlog, I made a list of 50-100 other family vlog channels on YouTube with the largest followings.
    3. I created a YouTube Ad campaign in Google Adwords and placed my video on the Channels that I had just researched using “Placements” targeting. Once the ads started running I was able to track my costs, views, clicks and subscribers all within AdWords and paused some of the Channels that weren’t getting as good of results.
    4. We started seeing immediate results and comments. When I turned the campaigns on, I almost immediately started getting more views and subscribers. People would see my video ad, subscribe to my channel, then watch more of my other videos.

We were averaging about 670 Subscribers a week without any previous following by promoting just 1 video.

Larsen Family Soul SubscribersIt was like turning on a fire hose! It was really cool to see our subscriber count shooting up and the comments people were leaving.

Here are some of my favorite comments…

David said, “I would just liked to say that I really like your channel! I saw your advertisement and it was the best YouTube Channel ad I’ve ever seen. It was very professional too.”

Said said, “I came here from your ad which made me love the channel already!”

Then you always get those type of comments from people like 9-BBN that say, “You’re the reason people use Adblock”

Larsen Family Soul CommentsI’m totally fine with comments like this because YouTube awards your videos based on watch time and viewer engagement (good or bad). All 9-BBN is doing by leaving that comment is helping more people see our video organically.



It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to grow a personal YouTube Channel or a business. YouTube Ads offer instant results. You can use them to get more subscribers, leads, customers, etc.

Now you know how to use YouTube Ads to actually grow your Channel. The process is simple but it does require some work and a little bit of knowledge in setting up the whole process.

If you’d you like further knowledge of our Video Ad Formula, you can download it for free by clicking the button below.

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  10. I want to know, were you able to have the videos ranked for organic search results having gone the Google Adwords for videos route?

    Would it be necessary to have your videos syndicated to other platforms and do video ranking seo after getting these interesting results from Google Adwords and is your method to optimize, syndicate then advertise with Google Adwords while waiting for the SEO effect to kick in down the road?

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