YouTube Advertising Vs TV Advertising

7 Reasons How Video Helps Explode Your Online Presence

How does your brand survive the flood of competition?  With all the advertising flooding the minds of potential customers, how do they choose which message to listen to?  Noah was able to predict the future, he knew a flood was coming.  To prepare, he build an Ark so that he could survive while the rest drowned in the flood of …

Online Video Killing TV

The Power of Your Attention & Why TV Execs Are Panicking

There is a massive revolution going on in advertising.  Every day 30 Billion Ads are served on Google and thirteen million of those ads are clicked and customers are gained. People’s time and attention are leaving TV and going to the internet.  We’ve has so much success with online video advertising, Google asked us to be YouTube Marketing Ambassadors.  I’ve personally seen …

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8. How To Make A Dollar A Day On YouTube

In this video we’ll talk about what it takes to make money on YouTube and off your Youtube channel.  There a certain aspects that your videos and your channel must have to get enough views for google to start paying you.  I am making money right now because people watch my youtube videos. Our first goal is to make a dollar …

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7. Going Deeper With YouTube Advertising

In this video we’ll talk about the secret tool that allows you to create engaging video that you can place in front of a specific audience, in order to get something more valuable than views; customers.  This tool exists on YouTube, let you create targets for your video, allows for you to track the analytics, and is more effective than both …

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6. Stand Out by Being Unique

  It can be hard to stand out against the millions of videos found on YouTube.  In this video you’ll learn how to stand out by being unique.  We’ll also talk about the major difference between being Unique and being different. (Yes, there is a difference) Trying to be different may give you views, but in return you lose control …

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5. How To Create Engaging Video Content

5.  Create Engaging Content This video will teach you simple tactics on how to increase comments, likes, shares and views.  You will learn the one simple tactic (So easy you won’t believe it) that can increase your engagement by 60%. For those of you that are afraid of commitment then word engagement probably scares you.  However, when it comes to …

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4. Video Optimization: Off Site

4.  Video Optimization (Part 2) Optimizing your videos with specific keywords is only half the battle.  In this video you’ll learn the second part of optimization.  This part is the hardest because you don’t control it, you can only influence it. You’ll also learn the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to getting more views.  Biggest mistake because …

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3. Video On-Site Optimization: Water in the Pool

With keyword research you can discover what keywords people are searching for.  You’ve built the pool, but now you must put water in it.  This video will teach you how to optimize your video to rank for those keywords by knowing how and what to put in your title, description and tags.  Keyword optimization is fundamental to internet marketing and will …

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2. Riding the Trend Wave

In this video you will learn how to catch and surf on the big trending waves that come. This video tactic helped me get a video 1 million views in two weeks and also sold thousands of dollars in online sales.

video keyword research

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1. Video KeyWord Research

In this video we’ll break down Video SEO basics and talk about how you can find out what people are searching for through Video Keyword Research. Keywords are fundamental to internet marketing and will help you discover what you should be putting in your title, description and tags.