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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hate YouTube Ads

Are you one of those people that’s always saying “I hate YouTube ads!”? We understand that not many people necessarily enjoy ads, but of all the ads out there, YouTube ads really aren’t the worst. So before you leave this page to try and find out how to block YouTube ads, take a second and consider a few reasons why you shouldn’t hate YouTube Ads.

1. You Can Skip Ads On YouTube

Skip ad on youtube
Is your life really so incredibly jam-packed that waiting 5 whole seconds before the skip button comes up is a significant inconvenience for you? If it is, then why are you wasting your time entertaining yourself with YouTube videos anyway? Think how excited we would be if they introduced a skip button on TV or Radio Ads. We really should be thanking Google for that one.

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2. YouTube Ads Are More Relevant

Thanks to the modern miracle of the interwebs, advertisers are able to target very specific audiences with their ads. Don’t be one of those paranoid people who think that with “all of our information” advertisers are going to be able to stalk you and find out all the dirt on your past relationships or something. With that information advertisers are able to say “I want to show my ad to women in Washington who are between the ages of 18-35 and have watched videos about running”. That way, viewers don’t have to watch ads that are irrelevant to them. For example, that same audience of women in Washington probably wouldn’t see an ad for the new Call Of Duty game that they could care less about, but a male between the ages of 18-24 probably would.

3. YouTube Ads Force Advertisers To Get More Creative

Ads on YouTube are very different than TV advertisements. TV advertisers rely the fact that you’re already so absorbed in that episode of Game of Thrones or The Bachelor, that your eyes are too glazed over to blink and you’re too comfortable in that personalized butt imprint on your couch that you won’t leave the room. You’re not going anywhere. Ads on YouTube are different. Advertisers have 5 seconds to catch our attention or we’re already getting started on that new “fails compilation” video. Because of that, we have started to see more videos like this:

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4. YouTube Might Not Even Be Around Without Ads

Google Server Farm

These days a lot of people have just come to expect certain things for free. You can watch TV episodes online, you could stay entertained forever playing free online games, Google provides a bunch of software and services that other companies would charge good money for. But here’s a business secret for you: businesses don’t last long if they aren’t making money. What other choice does YouTube have but to allow people to pay for ad space? I guess the alternative is that you could pay a monthly subscription (don’t act like you’ve even considered YouTube Red). Have you ever seen one of Google’s server farms? They don’t look cheap.


5. YOU Can Make Money Off Of Them

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Everyone knows that TV stations make their money off of advertisers. But the cool thing about YouTube is that you can pretty much be your own TV station. Google has leveled the playing field so that it’s no longer only the big networks who can make money. All it takes is a video camera, some creativity, and a little dedication and then you can be the one getting checks from Google.

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Next time you Google “How to block YouTube ads” or complain that you have to wait a whole 5 seconds to skip an ad on YouTube, think instead about how lucky you are that you aren’t watching some super irrelevant ad that’s 90 seconds long on TV that you can’t even skip. Take advantage of YouTube and start getting paid yourself.

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  1. Ads are HORRIBLE. I start to become annoyed with the people who use them. If i was a you-tuber I would not use ads just out of the fact that they are stupid, annoying and useless. Even if it made me money…there are other ways, jeez! I watched a vegetarian video and was forced to watch a chicken advert before it started, wtf? Please youtube please remove this curse
    I agree with the commenter who said that the ad makes me NOT want to buy the product

  2. That sucks cuz when ads pop up every second, it makes me no want to buy the product or shop at there which is bad business for Youtube and the annoying companies. The purpose of ads is to have their customers buy their products, however they show up sooo often on Youtube, it makes me not want to buy which limits the companies earnings and sooner limits the money given to Youtube. Sucks for them seriously. And how are the ads relevant, do we need to see ads about blizzards from DQ which is not even good for you or about the NBA which many people don’t really care about. Yea no thanks.

  3. I know this is late but just wanted to add that Game of Thrones wouldn’t have ads/commercials because it’s on HBO. Just saying!

  4. I hate commercials….period. YouTube, pop ups on webpages,tv commercials etc. And if I have to see them I do my best on blocking it out.

  5. ADs are RELEVANT to youtube and youtubers themselves. Reason youtube has grown his big is since Youtubing was introduced as platform to make money at, it allow people to really put their time and effort to making QUALITY content by quitting their job and instead making their livings off of youtube.

    BUT they ONLY get money if you actually watch WHOLE AD! There is an option to block viewers from skipping ads on your own video, but even Im not going to do that.

    Before I got into youtubing, even I tend to use AdBlocker, but if everybody in youtube did so, so many content creators would have to restrict their time they can put into youtube, which will decrease the quality of youtube as whole. This is why I uninstalled my AdBlocker.

    Support your favourite content creators by doing so too.

    1. Quitting jobs for youtube is a bad idea, especially if you aren’t big. You are one big bad ad. One day we are all going to have chips in our heads, and ads will be a part of it because of people like you.

  6. 1. You Can Skip Ads On YouTube

    Yes, but I need to be there watching the video to skip the ads, what if I’m bussy (cooking, working, cleaning the house, etc) but I want to use youtube anyways like a radio or an mp3 player? the ads will pop up and I won’t be able to skip them. So no, I won’t thank Google for this.

    2. YouTube Ads Are More Relevant

    That’s a lie, I keep seeing irrelevant ads all the time. I still wouldn’t care if ads are relevant or not, I just don’t want them.

    3. YouTube Ads Force Advertisers To Get More Creative

    That’s pointless, people don’t like ads, no matter how creative they are.

    4. YouTube Might Not Even Be Around Without Ads

    Well that’s partially true, there are a lot of sites that work without ads. Although I hate ads, if a website cannot work without them, I can accept that, all I’m saying is: learn to make better ads, instead of making them even more intrusive and annoying.

    5. YOU Can Make Money Off Of Them

    Well that’s for youtubers, which are the minority of youtube all users, most of us just don’t upload videos, most of us just watch videos.

  7. I understand that Ads are a way to make money on YouTube or other websites. But when it comes to 30/60 sec unskippable ads it’s just intolerable. I am a HUGE fan of games, and the only thing stopping me from enjoying them are ads. They are even in the middle of the gameplay, which redirects me to a site. I gotta be honest, you made some really good points, which prevented me from using AdBlock . I will be fine with ads if all of them are skippable.

    1. Oh, and there are also some sketchy ads (I’m on phone). Some time, usually when I am don’t with my game, something opened a new tab on chrome. It says virus alert and I need to install an app within 2 minutes more/less. I didn’t know it was all a scam and that it was an ad. But can I just close the tab? It scares me Everytime…

  8. You degenerate greedy bastard.Ads are the most insidious, leeching, parasitarian agency created.Spare me your retarded harangue, and your “business” narrative.I dont want to fucking see any repulsive ads.I want to spend my time watching my things.I am also a avid reader.Why should i fucking care if companies didnt met their trillion profit quarter.It is my absolute right to block any rubish.You dont make no sense with those bullshit arguments.

  9. Nice article (funded by Youtube).

    Ahhmm.. I $#%ing HATE ads!! Relevant to WHAT?!? I’m there to watch video’s not shopping. They are just trying to drum crap into your head. So a BIG “F#ck U” to whoever wrote this trash!!

  10. I hate YouTube ads only if it is not relevant to the video which I am watching. If it is related, I won’t skip and thumbs up to their creativity.

    1. WOW—what a question. AND a stumper, lol.I would have tgo say that one of my best friends was murdered. She was such a loving, gentle soul and her death taught me to never take my friendship for granted. We are never guaranteed tomorrow and YES, bad s**t can happen to you.

  11. Ads and commercials are the f***** devil. Yes, 10 seconds is a huge f***** inconvenience, especially when you consider that if I’m on YouTube for an hour, that equates to several minutes of ads to annoy the shit out of me. I’d rather there be no YouTube than have ads. I f***** hate ads and I f***** hate pop culture.

  12. they were free because users were not that many like today. many users equals to expansion of server farm. and expansion always equals more money. the problem with today’s generation like you george is you are too absorbed with self entitlement. everything must be free, easy, my way, in a nutshell its a me me situation. makes me wonder what’s the difference between a despotic king and people like you. at least despotic king is a rare occurance. whereas people like you are crybaby. i have suggestion for you george. stay away from youtube. go pick up a book and read it in a remote cabin lonely.

  13. What about if you’re listening to music on your iPad trying to sleep, and then a loud mcdonalds ad (this is a true story) comes up and rapes your ears? And then you need to open up your ipad, enter your passcode( mine is 8 numbers) and then skip it.

    1. Post

      Haha wow that’s an incredible story! The first thing that comes to my mind is #firstworldproblems. The second thing is, maybe you should listen to music that you have downloaded instead of streaming it from a platform that is ad supported. Or just pay for a premium version of Spotify, YouTube Red, or something else.

      1. How about no,ads can f .u . c k off right away,why should we have to pay for something that’s already free.
        Haven’t you head about uBlock Origin ,there are plenty of adblockers already.
        Ads should be banished .
        No one should support ads in any form period .
        You are complete and total cunt .

  14. Like others above said. Cut the cable years ago due to annoying / endless advertisements. Ad.Block saves me from getting angry at advertisements.! Not 1 ad in my lifetime sold me to buy, but I ended up hating the product. Advertisements in shows and movies. Now I have lost 70% interest within TV shows and movies. Advertisements ruined my entertainment, but I like being this way, since TV and movies represent wasted time. Guess I can thank annoying advertisements for that!

  15. Ads are one of the worst things EVER. I don’t mind on YouTube, but its GAMES. You have to wait for 30 seconds, I actually had to watch a ad that was a whole minute. If people are making games, they should get rid of them. So many amazing games are ruined by ads.

    1. Post

      We actually agree with you on that. People who make the ads you can’t skip are the worst. They’re wasting OUR time and THEIR money. We only do skippable ads with our customers and clients.

  16. I got rid of my TV (well, cable) because of ads, why would I want them on YouTube as well? They’re completely irrelevant, any time an ad plays advertising something, not only does it not entice me to buy the product, it actually makes me hate the product to the point where I never wanna see it just because of the ad.

    1. Post

      The only reason it’s irrelevant to you is because advertisers are doing it wrong. If other advertisers were smart then no one would ever see ads that weren’t relevant to them again. But if you just absolutely can’t stand ads anymore…sign up for YouTube Red.

      1. This is a foolish position to take, and if you are an advertiser, you need to listed to us the audience: There is no way to package poo turds to make them appealing, no matter what you do. Putting the turd on a doily surrounded by roses and diamonds and a beautiful girl or guy and playing classical music is not EVER going to get anyone to want the turd.. The turd is advertising.

        The way to sell stuff is to show people using the product. Preferably in person. Pay people to walk through venues where people hang out, and have them using the product. If you are selling a service, GIVE the service away to some people and let them write reviews.

        And most of all, if you have a useless product but just want to make money, you are just going to fail. That strategy no longer flies. Hope this helps!

  17. I get it. But guess what? I don’t give a rats ass. It’s not my problem. I go on YouTube to watch videos, not to get bombarded with ads and waste my time. I don’t care if you can skip. I will not tolerate seeing a millisecond of it. It needs money? Not my problem.

  18. Adblock Plus is the best thing out there!!! I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY!!!! Go find something else to do, seriously. All of us have to pay for the privilege of being online, either through ISPs or Mobile networks.. There’s no such thing as free, and since I’m paying, I don’t want to look, hear, or think about what you do and what you have to sell. I want to enjoy my freedom without being bombarded with TRY THIS! BUY THIS!!! THIS IS NEW AND THIS WHY YOU NEED IT!!!!!! Honestly, if I could block everything related to advertising I would. I want to search for what I want, I don’t need robots and algorithms telling me what to do and when to do it.

    1. Post

      Hey Tom,

      Would you rather pay a monthly subscription fee to use YouTube? If it wasn’t for ads, that’s most likely what the alternative would be. Google has to make money somehow to pay for enough server farms to hold the 100 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

      1. Yes, I would rather pay to watch YouTube WITHOUT any ads at all, rather than to have to deal with them. I left cable because of ads, and I will leave any website which forces them on me.

        You do not seem to get the root of the issue. People do now want to be bombarded with ads without being asked. YES, it is annoying to click the “Skip Ad” button. I do not care about the advertisers or whether or not they make money. Get out of my internet.

    2. I refuse to use ad block because in all honesty YouTube does not make ads loud and take up the full page. I do not see what is the big deal. You are literally denying creators revenue directly. You are paying to get connected much like you pay a cable company to receive channels. Just like cable TV there are ads. Why? not to piss you off but so the creators of content can have money to continue to create content.

      So Tom I totally understand that you find to many ads annoying. So considering your view and opinion I ask how many youtubers have you donated to for being entertained? They obviously took the time and effort to create something you enjoy. Since “nothing is free” your words and you are denying them the common agreement that if monetized videos means you will watch ads, how have you compensated the creators?

      1. Again, Matt, as was mentioned before, you just don’t get it do you. If you want ads that is your choice and that is fine. I I don’t want ads, that should also be my choice. If someone needs to charge for content then I should have the choice to pay for that content or not if I want it. (There is a lot of content out there that wouldn’t make it in this type of world because, quite frankly, it’s not worth paying for in the first place.).

        It’s all about choice. Take away choice and you take away free agency. Take away free agency and you enter despotism, monopolies, and tyranny. In addition, those who have had their free agency taken away, enter rebellion and revolt. Say isn’t this exactly what we are seeing. Advertisers who are trying to take away the the free agency of the public and force them to watch advertisements. The public then revolts with things like ad blockers and the Advertisers scream and yell like despots who have been defied and cry war upon their own people, the consumers, the very people they should have been helping.

        So Matt, To those who hate advertisements your comment is about the equivalent of saying ” Let them eat cake “…. and then you stand there like you can’t understand what you said that was wrong and you wonder why anyone could possibly want an ad blocker.

        1. Post

          But the thing is, you do have a choice. If a stupid ad comes up that you don’t want to watch, or doesn’t relate to you, all you have to do is click “skip”.

          Now, I understand that there are some ads that you can’t skip (and we don’t like those either). But let’s be real here, I hardly think that un-skippable ads on YouTube are going to start World War 3.

    3. Besides paying ISP a fee to connect to the internet, Google makes a very big amount of money from other sources such as google search so YouTube ads aren’t necessary although I imagine the more money, the better ( just like any company on this planet. ) Also around 35 % of ads on YouTube are not skippable after 5 seconds because they are between 15 – 30 seconds long and DO NOT feature a “skip” option so u are stuck watching it, so 15 + 15 +15 ….. You get the picture.

      1. Post

        Alexander we’re totally against those ads you can’t skip. Those are just for people that can’t give up the old school way of advertising and are flustered just by the idea of letting people CHOOSE if they want to watch your ad or not. Forcing people to watch your ad eliminates any need for the advertiser to be creative or innovative. If we can’t pique your interest or grab your attention in 5 seconds, then you’re probably not going to be our customer anyway and we don’t want to pay to waste your time.

      2. Goursoge. Love the quote too….as well as your passion for wine. I am right there with ya!! This would be a great gift for some wine lovers I know!! Thanks for linking up!!

      3. the entire “loan” is fraud. The bank NEVER lent you anything. A modification will only get your autograph on a piece of paper which the banks will even make more. Use contract law only when you take them to court and 99% of the time (without an attorney) you will win. Google “where does the fraud begin”

  19. We pay for cable and there are commercials so that point of it keeping it free a long with everything else is bunk. And even if it wasn’t we have the right to hate the ads any way.

    1. Post

      Cable is a lose-lose-lose-lose situation. You pay for a subscription AND you have the ads AND they aren’t always relevant AND you can’t make money off of them. You can hate the ads if you want, but you have to admit, they’re a lot better than ads on TV.

      1. i shouldnt have to watch more companies shoving their products down my face so more fat cats in their fancy offices and fast cars can get fancier offices and faster cars.Not everyone who is a youtuber is making money.
        The whole concept of making people watch ads that tell them to BUY BUY BUY more shit in this throw away world really makes me sick.

      2. That is like saying it is a lot better taking a crap whilst sitting on a toilet rather than taking one in the woods. The ad is nasty no matter when it is seen. You are already talking about content without realizing that most people want to eliminate them no matter what they contain.

  20. Pingback: Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness Vs YouTube Advertising

      1. Really? Ads are NEW for YouTube. There was a YouTube for YEARS before there were any ads on them. Get it right dude.

  21. I like #4. Other businesses are helping pay for me to see funny cat videos. It’s a small price to pay. Who knows how soon before the cable companies make YouTube pay more for access like Netflix?

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